ABPA maintain the biannuals project in partnership with Apex-Brasil consecutively since 2006. The communication between the entities and member companies is developed through the diary relationship between booth sides and is widely dynamic, making trade promotional actions and planning follow-up easier.



In 2020, Brazilian agribusiness exports totaled US$ 100.8 billion in foreign exchange earnings. The egg production chain contributed to this positive performance. In egg exports, approximately US$ 10 million in foreign exchange earnings were recorded.

With a focus on strengthening these sectors institutionally and expanding work through synergetic actions, the ABPA follows a transparent and democratic governance model, with thematic chambers that include groups working together on matters in the interest of production chains.

In addition to fostering domestic market consumption, the ABPA works towards the economic, social, technical, and scientific development of these sectors. It is also focused on growing exports for each segment through international negotiations, promotion of events, opening markets, trade defense, and other initiatives.


Representatives of companies in the sector, associated with ABPA, who integrate management committee responsible for the Sectorial Project.